Carrie Underwood Weight Loss

The very popular and talented singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood recently flaunted her newer, slimmer body after her first kid at the venue of Shape Magazines.

Carrie Underwood was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005.

carrie underwood

The gorgeous singer was rumored that she has gained weight due to her first pregnancy. Carrie’s outfit designer has admitted that she has gone to her slimmer size quite faster.

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After the birth of her first son, Isaiah Michael, Carrie begins to feel so many changes in her body, one of which were weight gain. She consulted with her doctor so she can start doing something about it, but unfortunately, the doctor did not give her the permission because of a valid reason.

Having a C-section brings many restrictions to the physical area. Carrie Underwood confessed that after having a C-section, at first, she was not able to do the full post pregnancy workout.

So she did cut in small tasks. ‘I did have a C-section, which meant waiting six weeks before working out. Within 10 days, though, I was able to begin walking slowly on the treadmill and around my neighborhood. It felt so good to be active!’

Carrie after getting OK from her doctor started going exercise along with a trainer. She is really busy these days, but the commitment of not getting fat is still on a roll. ‘For me, it’s the key to being happy and healthy.

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carrie underwood weight loss

Though it’s difficult to find spare time these days, ‘When it comes to time, the singer says 30 is a crucial number – both in minutes and pounds. ‘After I had Isaiah, my goal was to take control of my body again. I was lucky: I gained only 30 pounds, which is the recommended amount, and I exercised throughout my pregnancy,’ she said.

Carrie likes to stay motivated and keep on doing different tasks each day like Apple cider vinegar with garcinia cambogia pills. One of her favorite workouts is a high-level Tabata regimen.  Tabata regimen consist of 20 minutes of nonstop intense workout which is followed by 10 seconds of rest, and then the cycle continues for 4 minutes.

When asked about her new workout regimen experience she said ‘I’m in love with it! It’s hard, but it really works. I choose seven different exercises, like squats, lunges, or push- ups, and do eight rounds of each,’ she says. ‘It really revs up my metabolism. When I’m done, I can handle anything.’

Recently underwood appeared at many events wearing her own designed clothes which were outstandingly astonishing. Her fans are very much surprised after seeing her post-pregnancy slender waist.

Her favorite outfits are now those which she can wear at workout sessions too. “Since I exercise almost every day, I like wearing clothes that look just as good on the street as they do at the gym. I’ve always been an athletic-wear fanatic, but everything I owned was either super-functional and not cute, or really frilly and not right for my work out.’

But there is more, Carrie did not drop her weight solely depending on workout sessions. She has been taking healthy diets along with some useful eating tips which she got to know from a dietician.

The star admitted that she is a vegan and love bread, but after the pregnancy, she has started making dinner meals which do not include bread.

At morning she takes a bowl of oatmeal in her breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. The dinner time, according to Carrie is for protein and vegetables. Underwood also added something really useful about having a down time each day. Well, according to her it was also mentioned as the reason of her weight loss.

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Sitting quietly each day for about 10-15 minutes is considered healthy which Carrie Underwood is getting so much fond of.  ‘In the morning, I enjoy my cup of coffee and plan the day in my head to be ready for it.

And sometimes at night, I sip a glass of red wine and just relax. I’ve learned to give myself a break.”

Carrie’s workout plan for weight loss

It is quite a challenging task to appear on the cover of shape magazine, especially when you had a child delivery 7 months before. Carrie did hire some of the best and well-known celebrity trainers to get back into her original shape.

carrie underwood before and after

The workout which her trainers planned for her mainly meant to shed her gained pounds and make her body a weight loss machine. Plus eating clean and healthy diet was also the part of the plan.

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Along with performing a tough workout and healthy eating habits Carrie also had several cups of fat burning herbal tea and according to sources, it was reported that she is using some sort of metabolism enhancing herbal pills at the time of her breakfast.

The herbal remedy gave her massive amount of energy and stamina to keep up with the training sessions five times a week.  Her trainer recently said that Carrie whilst her workout days used to burn hundred extra calories each day.

With a beautiful voice and songs, Carrie Underwood has redefined her physique in a perfect and efficient way. No doubt the country star had to work hard for it, but it certainly paid off.

Underwood recently reported coming back with a new album, Good news for her fans though. However, her workout and weight loss diet pills are superbly unique.